IneTrack and Pokemon GO


Summer is here and the game all of us were waiting for is finally here. It is based on augmented reality and of course it is called Pokemon GO. Pokemons were part of our childhood, as anime and as nintendo games to play with. There were many games to catch 'em all, but not one of them was so hyped and none made us as happy as this one did.

Pokemon GO was developed by Niantic Games and as you, many in our team were waiting for its release, some of us fanatically, some of us nostalgically looking at it. That’s why we decided to write this topic, which is a little about Pokemons and a tiny bit about connecting IneTrack with catching pokemons.

Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO kindly reminds us that we are going to hit people and other terrain features while playing
Gotta catch 'em all!

The ultimate goal of the game is catching Pokemons (Pocket-Monsters), but this time we have to walk in the real world to do so, and then we can battle our little monsters in Pokemon Gyms, also located in our augmented reality (The White house is a Gym, for example…) to decide who the best trainer is.

It sounds simple enough, and to be honest, it truly is, but what’s great in this game is that it makes us go out and walk in the real world (which is a luxury for many of us nowadays as we sit in front of the computer all day to work and to live). You can go miles and kilometers to catch just one pokemon you’ve heard about, because yes, sometimes a rare pokemon is far away and you better pack up your lunch (and external batteries) and go there.

It is entertaining, instructive and edifying to walk there with our Pokemon GO in our hands as the game presents you many points of interests around you which you may not have heard about before. You can discover hidden places, notable sculptures and beautiful buildings that you would normally pass by unknowingly - well, not this time.

I've seen this statue many times but now I know its name too!

IneTrack with Pokemon GO

The game uses our GPS based position to make us walk around the Earth. We at IneTrack love everything that has something to do with localization and tracking so we were eager to do something with IneTrack that makes playing easier and even more fun. For that we have our android application that makes your phone into a tracker - IneTracker - [download it here](

The easiest feature is that we can easily show our friends what long walks we took in order to get our beloved pokemons.

Different Pokemons crawl out of the grass at night so it might be worth walking a little in the evening as well
There are other possibilities as well. With the help of IneTracker, we can send markers to our account to save positions (and the time of day) where we know we caught a pokemon - this makes it easier to remember it later and we can also share it with our friends.

With many people using one account, it is fairly easy to create a buzzing, big community where we know the locations of all encountered pokemon. Everyone can gain with it, as we can level up faster and it is more fun to walk the city together with your friends or other trainers in hopes of becoming the very best, like no one ever was.

With the help of POIs we can set geofences to notify us when we enter an area where we caught a rare pokemon days ago. Since the app is a battery killer as of now, it might be a good idea to not have it open all the time - but IneTracker can help you remember and notify you where you caught that sweet Charmander so that you can try again by stopping for a minute and looking around.

The possibilites are nearly endless. If you are a Pokemon Trainer and you would like to help others, or you just want to get in touch with people who play, don't hesitate. Install our android app IneTracker, registrate on the forum and tell us what you would like to use our app for.

If you need any help with downloading the programs (P-GO or IneTracker), tell us. If you have an idea to create one single map that tells you the position of all trainers who use our localization app, tell us and we can make it.

Some pictures from our game

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