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We are happy to introduce our newest idea and application under development:


We’ve been working on a brand new application for Android and iPhone for quite some time now and the time has come to ask you, users, about what you would like to see in a new app and what you could use Tweio for.

The Idea Behind Tweio

As you might know, we already have an app the tracks your movement and travel. It does so in order to give you exact routes and electronic log-sheet of your car fleet for example. For that we have the IneTrack system to back the app. Now we aim higher and wish to give you another program that’s good not only for managing travel routes, but for managing work and your life too.

We strongly believe that success (be it in private life or business) comes from organizing everyday tasks and managing time, as time is truly the value we put into our work. We wanted to create an application that helps you in a way that no other apps could.

Three aspects can describe and keep log of your everyday life - what you did, when you did it and where you did it. Time, location and the activity itself.

With Tweio, you could check what you did on a certain day in the past, how long it took you to finish that activity and where you spent your time. Imagine that your boss wants to know if you’ve been working on a task - you can just show him that - according to your phone - at the given days you were at your workplace, working on said project for hours. Better yet, your colleagues can show that they were working on the same project with you (shared projects). Even better - set that activity to work activity when you finish, and months later your boss can check it on their phone - never seeing what and where you were doing in your private time.

##Features we would like to implement

  • time and location based business activity sharing
  • groups for coworkers who work at the same project
  • adding your exact travel time and route to your work hours (as it will be counted as work hours in the near future)
  • With just one swipe you can decide if you are willing to share an activity with your boss or if it’s your private activity like running with the dog, biking, hiking in the mountains or even just swimming in a pool for a time.
  • private everyday tasks logged automatically, such as the walk in the park with your dog in the morning
  • and much, much more that we would love to share with you but we just can’t do so now - let them be a cool surprise!

##The ultimate productivity app

Here are some ideas from Tweio.
Let’s say that you were traveling home from work. When you get home, Tweio will generate a card that will contain information on your travel time and route, and you can just easily name it as “going home” and swipe the card to the left, showing that it was part of your business or private time.

Tweio would be able to learn. After some travels and swiping, Tweio could automatically do them for you and learn your routes, saving you time.

By organizing each and every activity into cards and groups, you already know exactly how much time you spent with something. Organizing is the first step of good management - when you know what you need to improve and focus on, it will be much easier to do so. Therefore Tweio will show you statistics and charts based on your activities from which you can learn.

There is so much we could do with Tweio! Care to tell us what you would use this app for? Do you have any ideas for cool features that you can use in your everyday life? Don’t hesitate to write us.

Don’t forget - organize, evaluate and act!

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